Ignoring crawlers - How to

Is there any way to stop visits from specific User Agents being recorded? Yes there is.

Spindoctor Editor - Not Found message

If clicking any node in the Spindoctor editor gives you a "not found" message, you might be missing a .NET setting.

Spindoctor not profiling - HttpContext

Spindoctor is not profiling and your UmbracoTraceLog mentions "System.ApplicationException: The current httpContext can only be set once during a request." then use native IIS instead of the VS debugger.

Custom Actions

Spindoctor will fire actions when trigger conditions are met. With version 2+ you can now extend Spindoctor with your own custom Actions!

Privacy with Spindoctor v2.0

This article describes two of the new privacy features available in Spindoctor v2.0.

Video walkthrough of uArt demo website

This video shows Spindoctor Behavioral Targeting for Umbraco in action. The video shows segmentation between potential clients and job seekers, as well as implicit profiling on art preference and job preference.

How to improve recruitment

You can use SpindoctorBT to improve the recruitment area on your site. This article explains how behavioral targeting can be used to match a recruiter to your visitor interests.

How the demo site contact us page was created

The contact us page is targeted with 4 scenario's: Potential clients with a preference for architecture paintings, Potential clients with a preference for landscape paintings, Job seekers with a preference for selling art and Job seekers with a preference for making art. This article shows how SpindoctorBT was used to target the contact page.

How the dynamic profile in the demo site was created

On the demo site you will see the "profiling" panel on righthand side of every page. In this panel you see the outcome of an implicit profile being built up with every click you make. This article describes how it was done.

How the demo site homepage was targeted

The demo site features customization of the homepage based on device and location.
This article details how it was done.