How the dynamic profile in the demo site was created

On the demo site you will see the "profiling" panel on righthand side of every page. In this panel you see the outcome of an implicit profile being built up with every click you make. This article describes how it was done.

Setting up the profile attributes


The first step in creating a visitor profile is taking a close look at your personas again. In the case of the demo site there's two personas: Potential buyers and Job seekers.

The next step is the process of breaking the personas down into profile attributes allowing us to capture all personas in a master profile. For the demo site this breaks down to:

  • Job interest
  • Education
  • Product interest


The profile attributes themselves have differentiating components, in example: Job interest is broken down in making art and selling art. This implies that people that make art are not born salesmen. Also, it implies that salesmen can't paint. If you can prove different, email us at

The same principle applies to Education and Product interest. Low, medium and high education are mutually exclusive. And, the more you love landscapes, the less you love architecture.

Connecting profile attributes to content types


The next step is to connect relevant parts of your master profile to your content. In the demo site, we have "Painting" and "Job" pages. For Job pages we consider "Job interest" and "Education" to be relevant. For Painting pages we think only Product interest" is relevant.

In order to connect "Job interest" and "Education" to our job pages (document types), a new datatype was created ("ProfileJob") based on the "SpinDoctor Attribute Components editor". Within the datatype, "Job interest" and "Education" are checked.

By creating a property "Relevancy" of type "ProfileJob" we finalize the connection between the master profile and the content. 


We now have easy-to-use slider bars allowing us to set levels. These levels determine the compatibility of the content to relevant aspects of the master profile.

On the left, the profile of the job "Painter" is displayed: The painter is fully into the making of art and has a high education level. By visiting this job page, these levels will influence your visitors profile with every click.

Displaying the profile


In your own website you would probably do not want to show the profile that was built up. However, the image on the right shows how easy it is to select the current implicit visitor profile from library function CurrentVisitorProfile.