Custom Actions

Spindoctor will fire actions when trigger conditions are met. With version 2+ you can now extend Spindoctor with your own custom Actions!

You can now easily extend Spindoctor with your own custom Actions.
Guiding principle is that you feed Spindoctor with an Assembly, Type and Method to call.
When the action fires, Spindoctor will call your Method and supply you with the unique VisitorId.

Access extensive information

Get access to more information by referencing the Spindoctor.Model.dll and Spindoctor.Web.dll into your project.
Use the supplied VisitorId to easily access every aspect of the Spindoctor object model, in example:

  • Facebook profile data (available after Facebook connect),
  • Implicit profiling data
  • Segmentation data

Process complex actions

Use custom actions if you need to combine several actions in one, for instance:

  • Check if the visitor is already in Segment X;
  • If not, verify if the email address is present in a cookie;
  • If email address if present send the visitor profile in XML format to the CRM system;
  • Put visitor in Segment X.