Spindoctor behavioral targeting focuses on improving conversion and usability. Spindoctor partners with technology and implementation partners to provide site owners the best solutions available in the market.

Solution partners

Spindoctor relies on solution partners to create engaging websites for site owners. The following partners are currently working on building high-end solutions with Spindoctor.

Partner in Denmark

Spindoctor partner Addition

Partners in The United Kingdom

Spindoctor partner Bit10
Spindoctor partner Moriyama

Partners in The Netherlands

Spindoctor partner Tam Tam
Spindoctor partner Axendo
Spindoctor partner WVD Media
Spindoctor partner Xuntos
Spindoctor partner Maxd'oro

Technology partners

If you are planning a webshop within Umbraco, make sure you check out these excellent e-commerce packages.

Spindoctor partner uCommerce

uCommerce is the ideal e-commerce package for Enterprise and Mid-market solutions.

Visit uCommerce

Spindoctor partner uWebshop

uWebshop is the ideal e-commerce package for Mid-market and SMB solutions.

Visit uWebshop

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