Installation in Umbraco

Spindoctor Behavioral Targeting is added to your Umbraco installation as a "local package".

Navigate to "install local package"


To install SpinDoctorBT on your site, first navigate to the Developer section. Now select "Packages" and then "Install local package".

This screen allows you to upload the SpinDoctorBT package into your Umbraco installation. Check "I understand..." and click Browse to select the package on your hard drive.

Hit "Load package" to proceed.



Install SpindoctorBT


You will see the SpinDoctorBT package ready to be installed in Umbraco. Check "Accept license" if you accept it and hit "Install package".

This will:

  • Copy the SpinDoctor files into your Umbraco installation (mainly to /umbraco/spindoctor)
  • Add an application to the Umbraco database
  • Add a node to your Dashboard.config
  • Add a translation for SpinDoctorBT to every default language file
  • Add tasks to UI.xml
  • Add application trees to the Umbraco database
  • Add settings to web.config
  • Add access rights to the administrator in the database
  • Add extensions to xsltExtensions.config

Now Logout and Login to start SpinDoctor'ing!